Mineral exploration software


Caswell uses CorePlan, a digital drilling data management platform, to streamline the capture and validation of plod data and drilling charges to our clients.

CorePlan records plod data in real time with exceptional accuracy and transparency. The digital plod app has built-in field data controls configurable to our clients’ projects, meaning every drilling data point can be precisely captured. Our supervisors review the data each shift to ensure it meets the highest standard of accuracy.

From the CorePlan plod portal, clients can directly and securely engage with the data. Teams can review and approve daily shift reports or request a resubmission with comments, plus a complete chain of custody log. Approved datasets can be downloaded as a CSV and imported into other systems for ease of use.

These processes are designed to give clients complete confidence in the data and invoices from Caswell Drilling.


Safety and environment

We understand just how important safety is to you. By choosing Caswell Drilling, you can be sure you’ve selected a drilling contractor equally as committed to the safety of our team, clients, operations and the environment.

We use CorePlan to simplify compliance processes, making operations as safe as possible. Our entire team has the CorePlan app installed on their mobile devices, giving them access to our library of safety and environment documentation and emergency procedures and contacts whether they are traveling, on site or working in the yard. These resources can be accessed even without mobile service.

Our crews submit Take 5s, incident reports and more from the one app, which can be sent for direct and immediate review by project management, ensuring a timely response so the project can proceed safely. And, because we store all documentation on the cloud, we can reduce paper use at the rig.


Fast and accurate data

We understand our clients want to make data-driven decisions about their drill programs in real time. To do that, they need accurate data – and they need it quickly. One of the benefits of choosing Caswell Drilling for your next drilling project is that we can supply you with the data faster than ever before without compromising on quality.

We use CorePlan so our drillers can capture data as it happens and share it with the office instantaneously. Our supervisors then review the data shift by shift and use automation to share it with you as fast as possible.

Because of the inbuilt controls in the CorePlan mobile app, we can reduce the number of errors and produce more accurate invoices compared to traditional pen and paper methods. This means you can make your decisions faster and more confidently, and there’s less back and forth at the end of the month.